Heatstar 20000 BTU Vent Free Infrared/Radiant Heater

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HeatStar by Enerco offers gas powered, vent free heating options for your warmth and comfort. The HSSVFRD20 20,000 BTU Radiant heater features a blower fan and thermostatic control. This size heater is great as a supplemental heat source for areas that are about 500 square feet. Radiant heaters are also known as infrared heaters. This type of heater heats the objects in the room. Similar to how the sun heats, radiant heaters use electromagnetic radiation. This unit offers multiple burner tiles to heat up your space. With a Radiant Heater, there is no waiting to warm up – almost as if you are standing in front of a fire! Radiant heaters are often best used in uninsulated spaces such as unfinished basements or garages. The closer you are to an infrared heater, the warmer you will be. Because infrared or radiant heaters heat the objects in a room keep flammable items such as furniture, clothing and fabric at a reasonable distance from the heater.

Vent Free Radiant heaters are extremely economical, operating at 99.9% efficiency and the HeatStar heaters feature a built-in low oxygen shut-off sensor for safety.

This heater includes both the wall mount bracket as well as base feet. This gives you installation options best suited to your needs. For wall mounting, it is suggested that it be mounted 36 inches from the floor for accessibility. However, clearance to the floor when using the feet is a minimum of 3 inches (to the top of carpet). Clearance above the unit should be a minimum of 36 inches, while clearance on either side should be at least 10 inches.

This heater includes the AA batteries required for the Electronic “push-button” ignition. The thermostatic control knob offers 5 settings. The burner will cycle on and off based on the set temperature. Because it is gas powered, it will keep you warm, without electricity, during power outages. The blower fan will not operate during a power outage, but the heater will still generate heat to keep you warm and comfortable.

The 20,000 BTU radiant heater is available in your choice of Natural Gas (HSSVFRD20NGBT) or Liquid Propane (HSSVFRD20LPBT).



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