Broilmaster H3PK1 Large Deluxe Gas Grill

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Grill Type: Cart Model Grill
Main Burner BTUs: 40,000
Primary Cooking Dimensions: 26 3/4″W x 17″D
Cooking Grate Material: Stainless Steel Rods
Burner Shape/Material: Stainless Steel “H” Burner
Flame Tamer Material: Ceramic Briquettes With Briquette Grate
Grill Body Material: Cast Aluminum
Ignition Type: Continuous Battery Powered Push Button
Certification(s): UL
Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty- Cooking Grids, “8” Burners, Grill Head | 10 Years- “H” Burners | 5 years- Painted Surfaces | 2 years- Briquette Racks, Warming Rack, Heat Shield | 1 Year- Everything Else

Broilmaster Grills has been a leading manufacturer of gas grills since the 1960’s. Their grills are known for cooking well and lasting a very long time. Many predating the 1980’s are still in use today. Still made in the USA, they haven’t changed much but they haven’t had to. Simply put, their grills have quality components where others other grills look to cut costs. They use heavy duty cast aluminum for the grill head. High quality stainless steel for their burners and cooking grates. They offer several different size grill heads, the #4 grills are the smaller of the two. The #3 heads are the larger of the two. Both portable carts and more permanent mounting bases are available. Multiple shelf options are available as well. The “H” series grills start with standard flat cooking grids, an “H” shaped burner, and use reliable ceramic briquettes to distribute heat and protect the burner. The “P” series grills feature adjustable stainless steel cooking grids, ceramic briquettes, and use Broilmaster’s famous “8” shaped burner. The P3SX grill features adjustable stainless steel cooking grids, Broilmaster’s famous “8” shaped burner, use ceramic Flare Buster ceramic briquettes, and also includes a smoker/shutter for indirect heating and baking. From steaks to cakes, there isn’t much you cant cook on a Broilmaster.



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