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Standard Credit Terms and Billing
All charges are due in FULL within ten (10) days of service and delinquent after thirty (30) days.
Terms are based on Approved Credit.
We understand that most everyone will go tough financial times and customers may from time to time need additional time to pay a balance in full. We are always willing to work on suitable payment arrangements. These arrangements must be made with our office before the account is delinquent and must include payments every thirty days. Accounts that are continually past due will affect their credit status and their ability to charge with our company.

The first invoice is the delivery ticket. The delivery ticket is left at the time a propane delivery is made. This ticket is usually left on a door nearby the propane tank in a yellow envelope. Payment can be made online, by phone or using this envelope by mail.

Within ten (10) days following a delivery, a statement is mailed to your billing address. Another statement is mailed thirty (30) days after the delivery and the account is considered delinquent. At this time, the account is assessed interest on any unpaid balance and a statement fee. Anytime up to this point, if a customer finds that additional time may be needed to pay the balance in full, we are willing to work on suitable payment arrangements.

A "Friendly Reminder" letter is mailed forty-five (45) days after a delivery. At this time, payment is expected in FULL and should done so immediately to avoid effecting credit status.

A "Final Notice" letter is mailed sixty (60) days after a delivery. This letter will have a specific date that payment is expected in FULL.
At this time, credit is suspended on the account and payment will be required before any future deliveries.

If balance is not paid in FULL by the date specified within the "Final Notice" letter, the account will be assessed an $18.00 collection fee and forwarded to our collection partner; TekCollect. At this point, lease tanks are subject to service interruption which includes disconnect fees, lease termination fees and/or reconnection fees.

If you have any questions regarding our credit and billing terms please contact us. We will answer any questions and address any concerns you may have. Thank you for your business and we appreciate your cooperation.
Other Payment Options:
EZ-Pay Budget Plan
We offer the EZ-Pay Budget Plan as a way to help our customers to stay within their monthly household budget by knowing each month how much they will pay for propane. We use your previous years propane usage and the current price to determine your monthly payment. If usage or price changes dramatically during the year, we will evaluate and adjust your payment as needed. If you have been trading with us for more than one year and would like to know your estimated budget rate or to sign up for the EZ-Pay Budget Plan please contact our office and someone will assist you.
Automatic Credit Card Payment Plan
We offer automatic credit card payments plans with two options. The first option that we offer is we will automatically charge any deliveries to a credit card you provide and we keep on file within 30 days of the delivery. The second option is to use the automatic credit card payments plan in conjunction with the EZ-Pay Budget Plan. This option will automatically charge the credit card on file the monthly budget rate within the first week of every month.
Pre-Pay Comfort Program
The Pre-Pay Comfort Program is a "pre-buy" program that allows our customers to purchase propane during the summer months for the next heating season. The customer determines the amount they wish to purchase (minimum 300 gallons) and we guarantee the price per gallon for those gallons through June 30th or all of the gallons are delivered which ever comes first. This allows the customers who participate to avoid winter price spikes when they need propane the most. We usually start selling the pre-pay contracts in June and continue into August.
And as
We always gladly accept CASH on DELIVERY!
We also encourage COD payments by offering Cash Discounts on all propane purchases.
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